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Benefits to Your Family

Bio Based & Biodegradable

Good green cleaners are bio based and biodegradable, which means that our ingredients or formula will degrade into simple and benign components in the environment. Our cleaners biodegrade at a rate of 60-90% break down within 60 days and cause no disruption or contamination to the environment.

Reduced Waste / Landfill

Our good green cleaner bottle can be reused until it wears out and that’s more than ten times with regular use! So every starter set bottle can save ten or more additional plastic bottles from being made, used, thrown out, put in landfills or the energy needed to recycle them (if they are recyclable). If only 1% of household cleaners in the US were good green cleaners, we could save 350,000 plastic bottles from landfills!

Reduced CO2 Footprint

Most of what’s in ready to use household cleaners is water. Good green cleaners starter set bottles are shipped empty and you fill them with water and twist on our concentrate cap. That’s 90% less weight and space in transporting the cleaner both from the manufacturer to the store and from the store to your home – significantly reducing the carbon footprint on the world.

Reusable & 100% Recyclable

Good green cleaner bottles and refills are 100% recyclable. Many household cleaners on the market state that their bottle is recyclable, but their spray nozzles are not detachable and are not recyclable due to the steel mechanism inside. So, the bottles are extracted from the recycling process and buried in landfills along with the chemicals inside the bottles.

Benefits to Our World


Good green cleaner are bio based products which means they are composed of renewable sources (including plants and organisms) found in nature and they pose no human health risks when in use.

Reduced Allergies

Through our innovative biotechnology, good green cleaner’s bio based ingredients are employed for proven cleaning effectiveness and to minimize allergenic risk. For example, our fragrances though naturally derived, are bio engineered to be less likely to cause an allergic reaction than when they occur in nature.

Reduced Cost

Good green cleaner starter set makes 32 fluid ounces of cleaner and is similar or less in price than 32 fluid ounces of other popular cleaners, but you use it until it wears out. With our refill pack, which makes TWO 32 fluid ounce bottles of cleaner for similar or less than the price of ONE ready to use bottle of cleaner, you save 75-175% with each refill purchase!

Less Space & Waste

Our refill caps take up 90% less space to store than a typical ready to use bottle. A typical ready to use spray bottle is 10x more plastic than our refill cap and our refills and reusable bottle are 100% recyclable.

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