About good green cleaner

Maureen Bergmann, President, and Founder of good green cleaner has been in the cleaning industry for more than twenty years. She and her family introduced these products to the commercial cleaning market about ten years ago. During that time she began educating her friends on the harmful chemicals in traditional cleaners and even some cleaners that claim to be "green." Throughout the years as friends learned about these products and witnessed their efficancy, they implored Maureen to make the products available to the retail market.

As Maureen worked to bring these good green cleaners to market, she uncovered overwhelming evidence that ingredients found in common household cleaners are linked to cancer, hormone disruption, reproductive and developmental toxicity, allergies and respiratory issues. She didn't want people exposed to these toxins in their home and she didn't want them and the plastic bottles that housed them deposited in our environment.

So, Maureen worked with partners in Europe to gain the rights to bring their innovative concentrate cap to the United States. The cap allows the good green cleaner bottle to be reused until it wears out which is typically 10-12 months with normal use. Both the bottle and the cap are recyclable. good green cleaner also employs sustainable practices and is pursuing carbon neutral accreditation. Our partners employ sustainable practices as well.

good green cleaner is a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) owned and run by women and based in the United States. Our bottle, packaging, and labeling partners are all U.S. owned and run companies, most local to New York, and providing jobs here in the U.S